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The Dos and Don’ts of the Loan Process

Here’s what you should do and should not do to ensure a streamlined loan review and on-time closing.

DO complete your application thoroughly. The process will be faster if
we don’t have to contact you for missing information.
DO respond to all questions and requests quickly. Additional
information may be needed to help the underwriter make a decision.
Fast responses will help your loan close on time.
DO disclose all loans and credit. Be transparent so your application
won’t get delayed.
DO be available as your closing date approaches. Allow time to review
and sign documents and to pay your closing costs and down payment.
DON’T make any major purchases. Financing a car, appliances, or
furniture will alter your debt-to-income ratio and may affect the
appearance of your ability to repay your loan.
DON’T open new credit lines. This may also negatively affect your DTI
ratio and may harm your ability to qualify for a loan.
DON’T move money around. This may appear as an attempt to hide
debt or large balances.
DON’T use untraceable money. Using large amounts of cash or other
untraceable money may hinder underwriters from understanding your
spending habits and cash flow.
DON’T make a career change. Income stability is important.
Questions? Concerns? I’m here to help you succeed.

All loans subject to underwriting approval. Certain restrictions apply.
Call for details. NMLS3029 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org).
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