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Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)-Helping Florida Home Buyers Save Money

The Florida Housing Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program can help make purchasing a home in Florida a little more affordable. With the MCC program, a homeowner may claim a dollar for dollar reduction of income tax liability on 50% of the mortgage interest on their first mortgage, reducing the amount of federal taxes owed by as much as $2000.

  • Claim up to 50% of their paid mortgage interest each year as a TAX CREDIT on their federal IRS tax return
  • Credit is capped at $2000 annually
  • Remaining mortgage interest not included in the TAX CREDIT is eligible for the home

Who is Eligible?

  • First-time home buyers purchasing in Florida
  • Non-first time home buyers purchasing in targeted areas of Florida
  • Eligible veterans purchasing in Florida mortgage interest deduction