Asset-Based Loans

Asset Based Lending-Unique Jumbo Products with Higher LTVs & Lower DTI

  • For borrowers looking for Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan amounts, the asset-based products from CrossCountry Mortgage offer solutions most other lenders can’t! With the higher LTVs available through our Pledged Asset Program and ability to lower a DTI through our Asset Depletion Program, we deliver more options for today’s sophisticated borrower looking for higher loan amounts and investment opportunities.
    • Pledged Asset Program- Increased LTVs
      • Up to 90% Financing  Available (increase from the standard 70%)
      • Pledged security assets or savings in lieu of down payment, second mortgage or home equity loan allows for increased LTV. (any family member may pledge assets on behalf of borrower)
      • Ability to defer capital gains tax by keeping the investment strategy in place and continually benefiting from interest, dividends and investment appreciation
    • Asset Depletion Program-Lower DTI
      • Reduce your DTI using an amortized calculation of what your liquid assets are worth when converted to an income component
      • For borrowers with proven credit and financial stability that have difficulty qualifying under traditional u/w guidelines on larger loan amounts.
    • Vesting Title of Residential Properties and Financing for Foreign Nationals also available.