Borrower Instructions

Need a little help navigating your loan file?

Setting up eConsent

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Your eConsent is agreeing to the terms & conditions of creating your electronic signature. At the time your Loan Partner sends the request to set up your eConsent there is not usually anything for you to sign yet. We’re just laying the ground work so that when it’s time to sign disclosures you’re ready to go! Your first document to electronically sign will be your Initial Loan Disclosures- these will be emailed to you within 3 days of CrossCountry Mortgage receiving your executory purchase contract.

Uploading Documents to the eFolder

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There are several different ways to submit your documents to your Loan Partner: scan & email, eFax, in-person, snail mail (not recommended for expediency’s sake, please discuss with your Loan Partner), or through our secure loan portal. The eFolder allows you to upload documents directly into our server. The eFolder is setup when you signed your eConsent and can be accessed through that invitational email or by clicking the link above.

As always, if you have any questions or need a little extra help we’re here for you!

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